Phenomenal Supporters,

We want to introduce our new and diverse board of directors, working to advance MotherWoman's mission of providing individualized and community-level support to all mothers in the Pioneer Valley and beyond.

Collaborating with our new board is MotherWoman’s new Acting Executive Director, Linda Matys O'Connell. Linda brings years of organizational leadership, activism and community engagement experience to her role.

Meet the new MotherWoman team!

We are excited to build upon the legacy and vision of so many who have come before us, knowing that we will do what is necessary to ensure this organization and the families in our communities thrive on a daily basis.

Our team has been busy cultivating established relationships, initiating new partnerships, and welcoming continued support. Our service offerings and programs are expanding with a focus on ensuring that our programming is culturally sensitive and inclusive of ALL mothers.

Mama's V.O.I.C.E (Voicing our Individual & Cultural Experiences) is one such program, developed as a partnership between MotherWoman and Holyoke Community College. The program has expanded to include a larger alliance of culturally humble researchers and community members/representatives from Holyoke and Springfield whose mission is to engage mothers of color in community-based research in transforming their own well-being and building community.

Your support is important for MotherWoman’s continued work, please spread the word on our great progress, reach out to help us, and stay committed to mothers in our community!  One way to participate is to be part of a MotherWoman committee.

If you are interested, please contact:

  • Linda O'Connell, Acting Executive Director, ex-officio at
  • Denise Hurst, Board Recruitment Chair at
  • Dayna Campbell, Program Chair at
  • Vanessa Martinez, Development Chair at

In Partnership,
The Board of Directors

To All Mothers: A Message of Inclusiveness


I and the MotherWoman organization wish to recognize the unfortunate and devastating events that led to the closing down of the national Postpartum Progress organization and the termination of its services. We acknowledge that the problems that emerged are the realities women of color experience with organizations/people whose intent is to be all-inclusive but whose leadership lacks the knowledge, humility, and sensitivity to ensure meeting that goal.

MotherWoman has had its share of hegemonic thinking, which has resulted in negative impacts to individuals, the communities we serve, and the organization as a whole.

In an effort to be culturally humble and sensitive in our services, trainings, staff and board, the introduction of the new iteration of MotherWoman is underway.

We are committed to the values of inclusivity, transparency, and self-determination. We aspire to the principles of cultural humility offered by Melanie Tervalon and Jann Murray-Garcia, including ongoing learning and self-reflection, recognizing and challenging power imbalances, and holding ourselves and sister organizations accountable.

Our commitment as we embark on this new journey is to challenge inequities in all forms to ensure an inclusive and welcoming organization. Inevitably, we will have growing pains, yet our commitment will remain.

We offer open arms and a safe space for our sisters, mothers and their families to join us in the fight!

Displaced Postpartum Progress staff, volunteers, and community:

Please know that we stand in solidarity with you and welcome you to join with us in working together for all moms, families and communities. We invite you to reach out to Linda Matys O’Connell, our acting executive director, at 413-387-0703 or

If you would like to connect in person, we invite you to the first of our Conversations and Cocktails series of events on March 23, 6-7:30 p.m., at MotherWoman, 220 Russell St. (Route 9) in Hadley, Massachusetts. Conversations and Cocktails will introduce our broadened mission, our restructured Board of Directors, and our Acting Executive Director. We will discuss ways in which we can nurture existing relationships and forge new ones.

In Sisterly Love and Partnership,
Lakisha M. Coppedge
MotherWoman Board President