Meet Rima Dael - Dedicated Volunteer

MotherWoman depends on the skills and dedication of our talented volunteers and board members. We're honored by the time and energy community members contribute to our mission. 




Rima Dael is one of our amazing volunteers. A member of MotherWoman's Development Council, Rima contributes her fundraising and nonprofit management expertise to support our resource development. We're so grateful for Rima's talents!


Here's what Rima has to say - "I care deeply about the issues that MotherWoman's programs address. Beyond that, MotherWoman understands that to create real, lasting change, a nonprofit must participate in advocacy and build organizational capacity to provide better services. I volunteer and donate because they are a really solid nonprofit in addition to their phenomenal mission."  


BIO:  Rima brings more than 18 years of nonprofit professional and volunteer experience to her role as the new Executive Director of Country Dance & Song Society. She is passionate about creating sustainable nonprofit organizations and cultivating culturally competent next generation leaders. She is most passionate about Arts and Arts-in-Education. ...Click here to read more. 


Postpartum Depression Rx Links Mother's Day and Children's Mental Health Month 

Postpartum Depression Rx Links Mother's Day and Children's Mental Health Month 


By Dr. Claudia Gold  - Child In Mind, Boston.com, 05/09/12


On Sunday we celebrate mothers- bringing breakfast in bed, going out to dinner, buying flowers. In my personal experience, one of the greatest pleasures of Mother's Day, in addition to having the "day off," is to take joy in my beautiful children as they grow and develop and make their way out into the world.

D. W. Winnicott, pediatrician turned psychoanalyst, famously said, "There is no such thing as a baby." What he meant  is that one cannot fully understand a baby without considering the relationship with the mother. Equally true is that without a child, there is no such thing as a mother. In order to understand a mother's experience, it important to consider the child and what he or she brings to the relationship.


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“Miss Representation” screened at Cape Cod Lounge

“Miss Representation” screened at Cape Cod Lounge By Acacia DiCiaccio
Massachusetts Daily Collegian 04/19/12

Over 100 students and faculty swarmed into the University of Massachusetts Cape Cod Lounge on Wednesday to attend a free screening and discussion of the film “Miss Representation.” The documentary reviews the negative way that women are portrayed in the media – as sex objects, hangers-on to men or cat-fighting with other females – with little representation of them as complex human beings. While at first this notion may seem untrue or at least exaggerated, the film succeeds at convincing viewers of the media’s negative effects on women in America....

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Community Profile: Marianne Bullock

In MotherWoman's monthly e-newsletter we're featuring profiles of women in our communtiy - for the month of April, we are happy to introduce and share the work of Marianne Bullock.

Marianne Bullock is a champion for mothers, a well-respected activist and community organizer. She’s an inspiring leader in the areas of social, economic and reproductive justice. She’s also an Ada Comstock scholar studying the legacy of state controlled birthing at Smith College.

Marianne has worked with MotherWoman and MomsRising.org to support passage of legislation that impacts families, such as Paycheck Fairness and Earned Paid Sick Time in MA. She’s also the co-founder of the Prison Birth Project, which focuses on reproductive justice, working to provide support, education and advocacy with women and girls at the intersection of the criminal system and motherhood.

She’s personally experienced the bind hardworking mothers face without paid sick days, which is a contributing factor to the poverty of mothers and children. Earned Paid Sick Time is not a hypothetical issue for her family. After the birth of her daughter, Sora, Marianne went back to work part-time. When Sora got sick with a fever of a 105, a rash, lethargy and vomiting, Marianne took two unpaid days off from work to care for her. As Marianne was on her way to work the third night, Sora vomited all over her. Upon calling her employer to report Sora’s continued illness, Marianne was fired on the spot.

Marianne Bullock is changing the world, and MotherWoman is proud to honor her contributions to the lives of mothers throughout our region.


Working moms need paid sick-time bill

Letter to the Editor by Katie Stebbins

Springfield Sunday Republican, 3/25/2011

I was troubled by a letter to the editor criticizing Springfield state Rep. Cheryl Coakley-Rivera’s Viewpoint calling for passage of a paid sick-time bill. (“Paid sick time needs to be Mass. right,” March 11). 

While I sympathize with the challenges faced by small businesses, there is a complicated balance between work and life that families are expected to strike on a daily basis. 

This bill will benefit employees and employers across the commonwealth. Employees will earn one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours of work, small businesses employing fewer than six people only need to provide unpaid, job-protected sick time, and seasonal employees are exempt. This bill is about humanity. It is about protecting employees and saving the commonwealth money while respecting the rights of employers. Right now, nearly one million Massachusetts workers lack a single guaranteed paid sick day to care for themselves or a sick child or family member. 

That means some workers have to choose between being a good parent or risk losing their jobs anytime they need to take a day off due to an illness. What motivation does a single mother have to be in the work force when faced with such a decision. Older children are being kept home from school to care for younger siblings. These are the choices that fuel urban poverty. 

San Francisco, where this legislation has been in effect for years, was recently voted one of the best cities in the world to do business and has not seen any of the disadvantages that the opposition to this bill is predicting. 

In Massachusetts, earned paid sick time will save taxpayers money by keeping low-wage workers employed and off of public assistance. Healthy workers are more productive and if employees can visit their primary doctor during the day instead of an emergency room visit after hours, the commonwealth will save big in health care cost. The recession means that working families and employers are all struggling. This bill will be part of the solution for both. Job protection should be a right, not a privilege. 

This bill aims to even the playing field so even the lower wage workers have a chance to earn paid sick days to care for themselves and their families. 

– KATIE STEBBINS, Springfield


Retrieved from MassLive.com



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