Getting Pregnant in Massachusetts

Shouldn't Mean Losing Your Job!


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Policy and Advocacy


MotherWoman is dedicated to raising awareness about social and economic justice issues, and advocating for policies and legislation that positively impact mothers, children and families on the regional and national levels. Our philosophy is in alignment with the ‘MOTHERS’ issues of

Maternity/paternity leave
Open, flexible work
TV we choose and afterschool programs
Healthcare for all kids
Excellent childcare
Reliable, just wages
Sick leave-paid

MotherWoman recognizes all of these as important, and currently focuses on a selection of these issues. We take action to have impact on relevant policies on the local, the regional and the national levels. MotherWoman engages diverse communities of mothers, fathers and caregivers, allied organizations, community leaders and legislators to address the following policy and advocacy initiatives:

  1. Supporting the passage of An Act to Establish Paid Sick Days;
  2. Crafting and advocating for the passage of An Act Relative to Postpartum Depression, this was signed into law in 2010;
  3. Supporting passage of An Act Relative to the Anti-Shakcling Legislation;
  4. Impacting the institution of sufficient, uniform lactation support services in Western, MA hospitals through Baby-friendly Certification;
  5. Advocating for mothers who have been harassed in public for breastfeeding, and consulting with businesses to help them comply with breastfeeding civil rights laws;
  6. Distributing voter registration materials at all MotherWoman events;

What do YOU think?  Which of these issues is closest to your heart?

In your opinion, what should MotherWoman be focusing on? Do you have any suggestions or constructive ideas about how MotherWoman can succeed in influencing policy, and in advocating for social change? If so, email us your suggestions to!

Funding for MotherWoman’s Policy & Advocacy work is provided, in part, by the Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation.