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7/24/09 MotherWoman Gets National Exposure in Ms. Magazine

July 24, 2009
Amherst, MA

MotherWoman’s brand new website—www.motherwoman.org—highlighted as go-to resource in summer issue

MotherWoman, a mother’s support organization in the Pioneer Valley, is listed as a national mother’s resource in the summer issue of Ms. Magazine, marking the first time this local organization has received national recognition and exposure. Summer issue release date- August 4.

The article, “Cyberhood is Powerful” is about how mothers are using the internet and social media effectively to organize and make change. MotherWoman’s brand new websitewww.motherwoman.orgis highlighted as a go-to motherhood networking site. In the article, MotherWoman is described as follows: “Through creating supportive communities of mothers, this group seeks to improve maternal health, resolve family policy issues and transform social stigmas surrounding motherhood.”

“This national exposure is massive for MotherWoman and is perfect timing to advertise our brand new website!” stated Melanie DeSilva, Executive Director.“When the summer issue of Ms. hits the stands on August 4, thousands of people across the country and internationally are going to learn about us. I am excited and humbled for us to be listed as a web resource alongside many well-known national organizations and movements.”

Annie Lascoe from Ms. said in a letter to Melanie DeSilva, “Your new website is AMAZING! Congratulations on all of your accomplishments, and thank you for the work you’re doing.”

This national exposure is testament to the unique and powerful impact MotherWoman is making locally in Western, MA, and the potential the organization has for expanding nationally. The mission of MotherWoman is to create positive personal and social change for ourselves, our families our communities and the world. Programs include: mothers' groups, postpartum support and political action.

MotherWoman has created a mothers' group model that is highly replicable on a national and international scale with sufficient resources.MotherWoman groups create spaces of mutual respect and non-judgment where mothers can build community and support one another as they navigate life’s challenges and the realities of motherhood. MotherWoman’s vision is for there to be mothers' groups everywhere, for mothers of all ages with children of all ages—in libraries, community centers, hospitals, living rooms, churches, synagogues or mosques all over the world—so that all mothers can have the village they need to care for themselves and raise their children.

“The next wave of the women’s movement is about families—mothers, fathers and children—with mothers at the forefront,” stated Annette Cycon, Co-founder of MotherWoman.“MotherWoman is positioning itself as one of the leaders of this movement to value and support mothers, children and families culturally, socially and economically.”

For more information, contact Melanie DeSilva at 413-253-8990 or melanie@motherwoman.org. Or visit us at our new website at www.motherwoman.org