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1/18/10 MomsRising Welcome Wagon head to state house

January 18, 2010
Amherst, MA

“Momsrising welcome wagon heads to the state house to welcome back our legislators!”

Local moms will meet at the grand stair case of the state house Wed Jan 20, 2010 at 10:30am to welcome back legislators with a “Momsrising welcome wagon”. The delivery will include messages from families across Massachuessetts, as well as small businesses who support healthy, working families by providing paid sick days to care for themselves or sick family members. Members will be welcoming back the legislators and asking them to make “An Act Establishing Paid Sick Days” a priority in 2010.

Momsrising members are urging our legislators to pass this legislation now in response to reports that legislators may not take up any more legislation once the budget is passed. Because their in only 6 months left in this session Momsrising of the Pioneer Valley- a local chapter and the political arm of the non-profit MotherWoman Inc. has made this bill their top legislative priority in 2010.

MomsRising.org, an online and on-the-ground grassroots organization that supports family-friendly policies, through e-outreaches to its Massachusetts members they helped generate these messages, which include:

“I get nervous when my daughter gets sick, because I can’t afford to miss a day of work. How can I juggle working fulltime , being a student and a mother with no policy to support me? If lawmakers believe in supporting women and families- then they should support this legislation” - Marianne Bullock

“Government-mandated sick leave is an essential component of our public health infrastructure. Unfortunately the reality for most families is that we are sending our kids to school sick, where it spreads and gets back to us - then we are sick too. What will happen in an epidemic illness when there's no system to stay home? What are we teaching our children? That their government doesn't care?”
- Valerie, Arlington

Contact: Marianne Bullock 

MEDIA NOTE: MomsRising.org member Marianne Bullock will be on-hand at the State House and available for comment.