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“Join this advanced webinar session with Liz Friedman and Annette Cycon on the MotherWoman Group Model™. This webinar is designed to help trained MotherWoman Group Facilitators enhance the capacity to lead thriving support groups by participating in MotherWoman Support Group research in partnership with Smith School for Social Work and understanding the importance of Co-facilitation.”

"The MotherWoman Perinatal Support Group Model is the best program I have seen for supporting new mothers. They support and empower mothers without judging them. I wish they had been around when I was a new mother. It would have made a difference for me. Now that they are around, don't walk--run--to hear them speak."

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., IBCLC, FAPA
Owner/Editor-in-Chief, Praeclarus Press
Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Lactation
President, American Psychological Association's Division of Trauma Psychology
Editor-Elect, Psychological Trauma


"When I heard you speak about the benefit of Co-Facilitation and the concept of SEE [Support Education and Empowerment]... as well as the socio-political piece of being integral, I could hardly contain my joy."


Boise Idaho

Hosted by MotherWoman and Praeclarus Press

Upcoming Webinars: 

MotherWoman’s Community-Based Perinatal Support Model (CPSM): Request for Proposal (RFP)   

Thursday, July 16, 2015 12:00-1:00pm EDT
Cost: FREE
To qualify, submit your Letter of Intent(LOI) to apply for the CPSM Grant HERE.
Once you have submitted your LOI you will receive a registration link.

OVERVIEW:  Ever hear a mom say that when she needed help the most there was no one to go to and nowhere to turn? Want to change that?? Want to transform your community into one that provides mothers suffering with perinatal emotional complications like depression and anxiety, what they need when they need it? Apply for this grant and have the opportunity to partner with MotherWoman and bring FREE perinatal mental health resources to your community. 

MotherWoman is seeking qualified communities to participate in the statewide extension of the Community-Based Perinatal Support Model™ (CPSM) implementation. The CPSM is an intervention that allows communities to address the issues of perinatal depression and ensures that multi-disciplinary partners throughout a community and across systems of care have the tools they need to identify mothers at risk and provide appropriate referral and treatment. MotherWoman is currently partnering with Cape & Islands, Lynn, New Bedford, Springfield, South Shore and Worcester, all diverse in social, geographic and economic demographics. These six communities have shown great success implementing the CPSM including: establishment and expansion of community perinatal mental health coalitions, establishing perinatal mental health support groups, increasing community education on perinatal mental health, providing perinatal mental health professional training, identifying resources and implementing screening. 

Learn more about this replicable and nationally recognized model during the CPSM Request for Proposal Webinar. During this webinar you will be provided with details on how to apply for this important opportunity. Funding for this grant is provided by the MA Department of Mental Health and the Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project (MCPAP). 


  • Discuss the latest research regarding barriers to care for mothers (personal, provider, system, policy barriers) with perinatal emotional complications, like depression and anxiety.
  • Review the key interventions necessary for developing a comprehensive safety net within a community and the importance of sequencing their implementation.
  • List key questions to ask in their home communities, to identify readiness to engage in this model and determine if this opportunity is right for you and your community.
  • Review important dates, deadlines and next steps for applying for this grant opportunity.   

“The CPSM made all the difference in our ability to meet the needs of mothers with perinatal depression. Now we are equipped to build a strong safety net for women in our community.” -Linda Jablonski, Assistant Nurse Manager Baystate Franklin Medical Center, Greenfield, MA.  The Franklin County Perinatal Support Coalition transformed their community within 18 months, implementing universal screening, education, professional training, referral and triage protocols, and support groups where none has existed previously. 


“Who Will Catch Me?” MotherWoman Perinatal Support Group Model
Thursday, July 30, 2015 12:00-1:00pm EDT
Cost: FREE

OVERVIEW: Motherhood is not easy. There is so much to juggle, learn and adjust to, and all with no sleep and a crying infant! Support groups can be a lifeline for moms, especially those suffering from perinatal emotional complications such as postpartum depression and anxiety.  

MotherWoman is a support, training and mother’s advocacy organization that has been offering support groups for mothers and training group facilitators for 15 years. MotherWoman’s Perinatal Support Group Model based on S.E.E. - Safety, Education and Empowerment, provides a place for moms to re-discover their strength, gain much-needed perspective, build community and find their "new normal" as mothers and women. 

We invite you to learn more about offering high quality support to mothers by joining us for this important webinar! We’ve trained professionals, community leaders and mothers in this model throughout the country, and have presented at national conferences (including PSI) since 2007. 

Together we weave a strong web of support for mothers and families. We look forward to meeting you soon!


  • To learn how perinatal support groups enhance existing community resources for mothers.
  • To learn how stigma, lack of trust and isolation can negatively impact a mother’s perinatal emotional experience.
  • To learn how the MotherWoman Perinatal Support Group Model provides mothers and communities with an accessible treatment modality for families struggling in the perinatal period.
  • To learn how the MotherWoman Perinatal Support Group Model creates safety and mutual respect for sharing authentic experiences of motherhood, especially those which are difficult or taboo to express.
  • To learn the elements of the MotherWoman Perinatal Support Group Model based on Safety, Education and Empowerment (S.E.E.) which encourage each woman’s inherent strength and resiliency.

“The MotherWoman Group Facilitator Training™ not only gave me the skills necessary to run a group right away, it gave me a deeper understanding about the social and cultural issues that impact women and how I, as a support group facilitator, can help women overcome them. It’s not just about helping women to survive, it’s about helping women to value themselves enough that they can thrive!” Aida Perez, Children’s Trust Fund Parent Advocate National Awardee 


For more information, contact Program Coordinator, Janel Lloyd-Dedischew